is a production of The Vagabond Troupe. All Entertainers have backgrounds at Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and other major attractions in Central Florida.

They come to you completely licensed and insured. They not only understand entertainment, but they understand the business side of performing. They will send you a real contract outlining your needs and preferences. They are easy to work with and come with an impressive resume and qualified recommendations.

They will listen to your needs and understand it is YOUR SATISFACTION that is most important. They understand that sometimes things may not go as planned, but these ladies and gentlemen are there for you. They will go the extra mile to make sure your event impresses the most critical of clients.

You will find their professionalism and attention to detail will make for the most impressive of events.

Call us for video and recommendations from current and former clients.
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Crimson Jack
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The Swagger, The Stagger, The Charm! --Based In Florida....Exploring The World!
-Captain Jack Impersonator
My background as an entertainer is wide spread. I have several years at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World as well as Medieval Times and Pirates Dinner Adventure.

I have extensive background as a corporate entertainer, having performed all over the US, including Las Vegas, LA, Miami. I have even performed on the Mexican Riviera, Jamaica, and The Virgin Islands.

I also produce the World's Largest Convention For Professional Celebrity Impersonators each year in Orlando.
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