A Pirate's Life For Me!
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Crimson Jack
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The Swagger, The Stagger, The Charm! --Based In Florida....Exploring The World!
-Captain Jack Impersonator

Join THE VAGABOND PIRATES BAND for a rollicking good time. These performers combine comedy, singing and audience participation to make a swashbuckling show your guests will never forget.
-Whether it's a corporate show, fair or festival, you can see a great pirate band performing some of the most hysterical routines and songs you've ever seen.
-They will combine juggling, comedy and even magic to make a show you'll never remember for a long time...in a good way. You may have seen performances of THE VAGABOND PIRATES BAND at such locations like St. Thomas Island, Jamaica, The LA County Fair, Las Vegas, Miami and all over Central Florida.

Actual Band Members May Vary.
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